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In many cases organisations are making do with spreadsheets or rigid in-house solutions built using ‘off the shelf’ tools such as Excel, Access or MS SharePoint. ‘Free’ QA tools have hidden internal costs due to the high build and maintenance cost. It is usually difficult to get IT refocused on your business needs once they have moved on to the next project, QA frameworks are dynamic by nature therefore this is a key consideration.

On the other hand dedicated QA tools are not free to use however they can deliver significant and rapid return on investment. And then there is ScoreBuddy. Your free trial is here

What is Scorebuddy?

Score agent performance with Quality Assurance software in the cloud for contact centres. Evaluate customer interactions across multiple channels; Calls, Emails, Live Chat or Social Media.

What can I use Scorebuddy for?

Scorebuddy reduces review times, increases agent engagement & drives improvement in quality and customer satisfaction. Design your own scorecards to grade customer interactions and share quality scores.

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How to analyse quality monitoring reports

How to Analyse Quality Monitoring Reports

Follow these steps to analyse data coming through from quality scores.

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